Reporting Violation

Please select the applicable incident type(s) from the list below that best describes the issue(s) you are reporting. Please note that multiple issues can be selected.

1. Misappropriation of company assests or resources
2. Conflict of Interst
3. Inappropriate sharing of confidential information
4. Financial fraud of any nature
5. Violation of gifts and entertainment policy
6. Non-adherence to safety guidelines
7. Inaccurate financial reporting
8. Bribery & Corruption
9. Insider trading
10. Other forms of Harassment - Victimization, Bullying, Discrimination etc.
11. Social Media Usage
12. Misuse of Authority
13. Environment, health and safety
14. Concurrent employment
15. Others

Name Department Designation
Individual 1
Individual 2
Individual 3
Individual 4

When did the incident occur? (Please provide tentative date if you do not know the exact date)

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How did you find out about this incident?

How long has this been occurring for?
Less than a month1-6 months6-12 monthsGreater than 12 months

Please provide a detailed description of the incident. To enable your company to act on your complaint, you are requested to provide specific information. where possible, please include names, location, date, time etc. Please note that this field is limited to 5,000 characters.

Do you have any evidence in support of your allegations?
In anyone else aware of this incident?
Is there any additional information that would facilitate the investigation of this matter?
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